Out Goes the Tide, In Comes the Youth


Draw Write Here Class

The Draw Write Here! class presenting work that they created from The Outgoing Tide.

DRAW WRITE HERE!, created by Helene Fischman, brings together local artists and writers for special collaborative events. For their last event, they saw In Tandem Theatre’s production of THE OUTGOING TIDE and used it as muse for creative response in their medium which they presented at the Tenth Street Theater on Tuesday, March 6. The performance sprung from the heart of the theatre, yet reached beyond its walls.

After the DRAW WRITE HERE! performance, Fischman created the following commentary based on the participant’s experiences:

“Several weeks ago, I brought my collective “Draw Write Here!” comprised of both youth and adult artists and writers, to see the In Tandem Theatre production of Bruce Graham’s, The Outgoing Tide. Taking high school students to a play prompts my radar to be up. As every dramatic detail unfolds, I am wondering if they can relate. What they can reap from the themes? In their worlds driven by technology and social media, are they finding this engaging?  The In Tandem Theatre is a great place to take teenagers because of its size, they can connect to the work because they can practically reach out and touch it. It’s a small, 99-seat studio theatre, so wherever you are seated is right up in its grill – enmeshed in the physical space of the play. You are in the air the actors breathe in an almost uncomfortable intimacy. ”

To view the full commentary, click here.