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All The Great Books (Abridged)

Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 28, 2017

by Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor


An English class eagerly awaits graduation until they realize they haven’t passed their final exam! The drama professor, student teacher, and gym coach team up to get them through all the great works of literature – in 90 minutes flat — as the literary canon explodes in this hilarious, high-energy comedy!

Featuring Ryan Schabach (professor), Chris Goode (student teacher) and Doug Jarecki (coach).

In Tandem Theatre is pleased to partner with Literacy Services of Wisconsin (LSW) to collect books during the comedy, All The Great Books (Abridged). Illiteracy is no laughing matter, but donating great books can be a fun way to help support non-readers in our community. Books for all ages recommended!

Where you able to guess the company’s favorite authors from their headshots in the playbill? Click here to find the answers! 

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