View a Sneak Peek of The Outgoing Tide

Gunner is beginning forget words and becoming confused. His wife, Peg, wants to move them from their beloved Chesapeake Bay home and into assisted care. Trapped by the menacing grip of an aging mind and fearful of his uncertain future, Gunner hatches an unorthodox plan to shape his own destiny.

Don’t miss the powerful drama, THE OUTGOING TIDE, February 23 – March 18, 2018. Purchase tickets at

View a Sneak Peek of Scrooge in Rouge!

A troupe of 23 players are about to embark on a musical adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” when 20 of them come down with food poisoning, leaving only 3 actors to put on the entire show! View a sneak peek of this holiday musical here:

Don’t miss the bawdy, raucous holiday musical, SCROOGE IN ROUGE, December 1, 2017 – January 7, 2018. Purchase tickets here:

View a Sneak Peek of All The Great Books (abridged)

All The Great Books (abridged) runs October 6 – 29th at In Tandem Theatre. For tickets, call the box office at 414-271-1371 or click here.

Video produced by Michael Black.

A Carnival comes to In Tandem Theatre

Many years ago, I was in a community theater production of Carnival back in Michigan. I loved the show: the music, the characters, the setting. About two years ago, when we were looking for a spring musical for this season, I fondly remembered Carnival and wished we could produce it but thought, “It’s so big.…

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Life Through The Camera Lens: Part Two

In Time Stands Still, Sarah, a photojournalist, is injured in a war-torn country but eager to return to work. The story not only explores why Sarah puts herself in dangerous positions but also how her profession affects her family and friends. In part two of this blog series (see part one here) with photographer Michael…

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Life Through the Camera Lens: An Interview with Photojournalist Mike Nelson

During Time Stands Still, the 10th Street Gallery will present photographs from photojournalist Mike Nelson. Capturing gripping and emotional stories from across the world including Lebanon, Africa and the United States over his 35-year career, Nelson has seen the first-hand effects of war and conflict on communities and their people. Now living in Los Angeles,…

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New Year, New Faces

One Tony Award nominated drama (Time Stands Still), one romantic musical with our biggest cast to date (Carnival) and a huge celebration on Saturday, June 24, 2017 to kick-off In Tandem’s 20th season! Sound like a lot? With all of these exciting events happening, we decided that we needed a helping hand. We are thrilled…

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Dressing the Part: The Backstage Perspective Part 2

Last week on the blog, we talked with Amanda Houchens and Rachel Zembrowski, the dressers for Dracula vs. The Nazis, about their jobs and the challenges that come with it.  This week, we examine how they prepared for their roles and gain an insider’s perspective on what the atmosphere is like backstage. (Photo by Tanya…

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Dressing the Part: The Backstage Perspective of Dracula vs. The Nazis

2 actors, 15 characters and 42 quick-changes. How do Chris Flieller and Doug Jarecki manage to get into costume so quickly, sometimes with as few as 10 seconds? During the next two weeks, we’ll take you backstage as we learn more about the tasks involved with being a dresser, the atmosphere backstage and how the backstage crew is essential to making a comedy like Dracula vs. The Nazis run so smoothly.

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